Ferry Approach, Beneath a Ramp

Here’s a perspective on the ferry that no one but an owner of the service, or perhaps a maintenance person, has EVER seen before.

This video, shot from underneath the Edgartown ramp sometime during the effort to reinforce the foundation and repair the ramp itself (mid April 2013), shows the ON TIME III approaching the slip from the middle of the harbor and docking.

We’re pretty certain that the videographer is maintenance manager Erik Gilley, who recently dove beneath the ramp to funnel concrete into a void along the foundation. But we’ll correct ourselves if we are wrong.

You can tell how little space there is under here. Imagine bringing a camera with you and shooting as you see the ferry come toward you! Imagine CONTINUING to shoot as the captain reverses her engines to slow the ferry down, and all that frothing backwash comes at you!

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